Botleigh Baby Swim – Information

Parking and Getting to the Spa Area.

The Botleigh Grange Hotel and Spa has ample parking available, please use the main entrance and reception will direct you to the Spa entrance.


Botleigh Baby Swim Lessons

At Botleigh Baby Swim we create a happy, safe and stimulating aquatic environment, ideal for enriching development and learning together.

Swimming with your Baby or Toddler is a wonderful bonding experience, and will quickly become a favourite activity for you both.

In our luxurious, warm pool you can take part all year through!

Botleigh Baby Swim has a fantastic baby and toddler swim programme. Created to progress in line with a child’s natural physical and psychological development.

The programme focuses on

  1. Water familiarisation
  2. Body and muscle development
  3. Propulsion and floating
  4. Safety skills
  5. Water confidence in and under the water with breath control
  6. Building independence

You are able to see your baby’s progression through our series of Baby Seahorse certificates.

Each activity in the class is built around these skills and purposes are explained to you, so you can assist your baby’s development and learning with ease and confidence.

We use toys, games and songs to keep stimulation and engagement in activities throughout the lesson.

Unlike leisure centres that often have a lot of noise, distractions and other customers, we have sole use of the quiet and tranquil spa pool, giving us a perfect learning environment.


Booking – New Starts

Please call for availability in classes, if there is not a place immediately, you will be placed on our waiting list and called as soon as a space becomes available.

Repeat Booking

Customers attending lessons have a reserved place in the next block for 3 weeks. In this time we ask customers to re-book to guarantee their baby’s space is kept.


Payment is taken in blocks of 6-8 depending on term times. A class is £9 per half hour session.

Full payment must be paid, before the block commences. Your booking and payment secures your child’s space at a specific time and day.



Baby Seahorse 1 – 6 Weeks – 8 Months

We welcome babies from 6 weeks, in these classes parents enjoy a magical one-to-one bonding time with their baby. You’ll gain confidence in the water with your baby learning safe holds and floats. You’ll learn how to develop your baby’s natural and instinctive abilities in and under the water.

Baby Seahorse 2 – 9 Months to 18 Months

In our 9 to 18 Months classes we work on water familiarisation and further developing reflexes. Your baby will now enjoy kicking and splashing.  At this age we encourage floating, propulsive actions and learning the ability to breath hold in the water.  We introduce early safety skills and enjoy activities that promote muscle development and gross motor skills.

Toddler Seahorse – Over 18 Months

In our over 18 Months classes we love discovery learning through play. We encourage activities with baby led learning.  In this group jumping in, free floating and developing propulsive movement through the water are favourites.  We continue to improve safety skills; like moving along the edge and climbing out independently.  Children can be invited from this class into preschool lessons before 3 years if they are ready.

Pre-school Seahorse – 3 Years to 5 Years with parent

Little ones enjoy moving into our preschool swimmer class, with their parents. Structured as a preschool lesson, we build on basic swim skills that lead to good front crawl and backstroke technique, as well as continuing to learn safety awareness and skills.  Learning must remain fun and active at this age and this one to one with parent approach allows each child maximum practice time in their lesson.  With teachers directions and support from their parent in this safe learning environment, we believe children can reach their full potential, become very confident and capable in their swimming ability.  Learning in deep water allows children to feel buoyancy and give them and their parents a realistic sense child’s swimming ability.


Our Methods of Teaching

We use the learning practices and teaching techniques recommended of the STA (Swimming Teachers Association) and deliver a gentle method of teaching, best for very young children.

Creating stimulating learning environments and allowing babies to achieve at their own pace.

We believe:

  1. All babies are natural learners
  2. All babies learn through senses
  3. All babies love to learn
  4. Learning should be hands-on and through play
  5. Observation is a powerful way to learn
  6. The environment and adult should encourage a “help me do it myself” mentality in babies and young children
  7. Self direction is a key outcome
  8. Learning should be fun

(Montessori Education)


Checklist for your swim bag!


  1. Disposable Nappy
  2. Neoprene nappy cover. All infants MUST wear neoprene nappy covers until they are fully potty trained.
  3. Babies Swimwear is optional over nappy layers.
  4.  Adults Swimwear – Please wear swimwear you can happily walk, jump and play in! We recommend no loose fitting swimwear and avoid bikini’s as babies tend to hold/pull the straps!
  5.  Towels, Hoods & Robes – Keeping snug after swimming is important. Please bring your own towels.
  6. Warm clothes – Bring warm clothes and a hat to keep your baby snug after swimming.


  • Swim Cap – We highly recommend wearing a swimming cap in the pool, with limited changing space and showers, keeping your hair dry allows you a quicker and easier change after your lesson.
  • Wet wipes and creams


It’s a fantastic very warm pool with tranquil surrounds, with full use of the spa there is no other noises, distractions or pool users.

The pool is 1.2 metres, it is not required for the adult to be able to swim to participate but they must able to walk through the water with balance.  The pool is kept at 31 degrees which is comfortable for the sessions.

Spa and Changing Areas

We have female and male changing areas, providing changing mats, please bring your own towels.  There are ‘rinse off’ showers on poolside.  Unfortunately we are unable to use the lockers due to the baby changing area, please bring your swim bag to poolside.  We ask you not to bring any valuables with you.

Food and Drink

After swimming is a great time to socialize with other families, you may fancy a latte or a well-earned bite to eat, savour the daytime food and drinks menu, located in the bar area of the hotel.

Who can take baby swimming?

We have signing in and out registers for each lesson.  On arrival you sign yourself and your baby in.

Only the person on the registration form may sign in.

Another adult can bring your baby swimming but needs to notify us on arrival to fill out a registration form for themselves in case of an emergency.

To participate in lessons you MUST complete a registration form BEFORE the lesson.

Only one adult per lesson in the water with baby.

Double Nappy Policy
Botleigh Baby Swim, we have a double nappy policy. This means all children must wear a disposable nappy and neoprene nappy over the top, until fully toilet trained.

Neoprene nappies have an imperishable seal around the legs and waist giving a close fit and a good seal and prevents any accidents in the pool.

Effectively keeping the pool clean and preventing accidents in the pool which can lead to pool closure.

Cancelled lessons

If Botleigh Baby Swim is unable to provide a lesson for any reason and an alternative session cannot be provided, a refund for the lesson lost will be provided.

Missed lesson

If you are unable to attend a lesson, Botleigh Baby Swim is unable to offer a credit or refund, your booking and payment secures your child’s place at a specific time for a full swimming course.


Refunds will only be issued in the event of a full block cancellation provided the customer has given a minimum of 1 weeks notice prior to the start of the swimming block.