Afternoon Tea at Botleigh Grange Hotel, Southampton, Hampshire

Everything Stops for Tea!

Many visitors from overseas still imagine that we are a nation where, in the words of the well-known song, ‘at half past three, everything stops for tea’.

Sadly these days Afternoon Tea is often seen as only an occasional luxury for the British, a birthday treat in a country house hotel, or a welcome break from a hectic days shopping ‘in town’. Luckily Botleigh Grange Hotel offers the perfect setting to enjoy this British Tradition a little more often!
Afternoon Tea is a meal composed of sandwiches (usually cut delicately into ‘fingers’), scones with clotted cream and jam, sweet pastries and cakes. Interestingly, scones were not a common feature of early Afternoon Tea and were only introduced in the twentieth century.
Afternoon Tea was initially developed as a private social event for ladies who climbed the echelons of society. It was only when Queen Victoria engaged in the Afternoon Tea ritual that it became a formal occasion on a larger scale, known as ‘tea receptions’.

These receptions could have as many as two hundred guests with an open ‘at home’ invitation to visit between 4pm and 7pm, during which they could come and go as they pleased; this was the genesis of the Afternoon Tea as we know it.
There are no set rules about the content of a traditional Afternoon Tea menu, but it usually consists of sandwiches and a variety of sweet items.

Cream Tea £6.95 per person
Cream Tea with cake £8.95 per person
Afternoon Tea £14.95 per person
Afternoon Tea served with a Glass of Bubbly £19.95 per person